China Fuji Apple - bought it at RM3.50 per piece at local fruit stall

One of the most common modern apple varieties in the market. Pink vertical stripes with numerous number of tiny spots over yellow background. 


Fuji apples contain Vitamins A and C, as well trace amounts of folate and potassium. A medium-sized Fuji apple contains about 80 calories and is high in both water and sugar. 

Fuji was originally comes from Japan. It is a cross breed between the widely grown Red Delicious, and Ralls Janet.

Body 4.5/5 crisp, dense and firm, easy to bite and is fairly watery 

Taste 3.5/5 mild sweet, with hints of slight flora aroma

Aroma 3.5/5 refreshing aftertaste, stay in the mouth for short while  

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