Orange Juice vs An Orange? Which one better?

Orange Juice vs An Orange? Which one better?

Which 1 is better for you?

Spending time peeling orange skin or a glass of juice?

After spending 8 hours at work and 2 hours in traffic (if lucky), Malaysians are having less time for themselves nowadays, not to mention spending time choosing your favorite orange and peel it before eating. Fruit juice is the convenience choice for replacing tedious cutting or preparation of fruits.

However, there are few keys to consider before juicing your next orange.   

  1. Near to zero fiber content - Juicing an orange could strip off the fiber content completely than the pulp of the orange has. Orange has rich fiber content, thanks to its pulp and the white part of its flesh.   
  2. Spike of blood sugar – As juicing has robbed its fiber content away, it elevates blood sugar much more quickly. 1 glass of orange juice might consist 2 – 4 pcs of orange, which means there is higher level of sugar content and we tend to gulp juice down mindlessly. For whole fruit, it takes a while to eat and digest, meaning that the fructose hits the blood level or liver slowly.
  3. Weigh management – Most people will feel satisfied after eating one orange. It makes us full and less inclined to eat more afterwards. It could be quite impossible to overeat it.
  4. Does Juice Oxidize? - Oxidization is what happens when fruit exposes to oxygen, for example, apple turning brown. Blending or juicing your fruits certainly does expose nutrients to air, and yes, it will certainly result in some nutrient loss.

Lastly, spend the time peel your next orange, chew it leisurely and that is the whole experience of enjoying an orange.

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