Most Completed List of US Grapes Available in Malaysia 葡萄季节

There are many people love eating grapes and cherish the sweetness, crunchiness and its rich aroma. But for the most of us, picking or knowing the right season can be tricky, after all, it is important to choose grapes with right in season as it determines the freshness, quality and satisfaction when choosing the right grapes. 

In this guide, we want to share you the season of grapes, and feel free to touch base with me ( if I left out any of your favorites. 

在本指南中,我们希望与您分享葡萄的季节,如果我遗漏了其他葡萄品种,请告诉我(, 谢谢。

Confirmfresh - Grapes-Chart.jpg

Written by Wei Loon

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