Facts About the Color of Fruits that You Should Know

Fruits and veggies are essential for everyone, it provides vitamins, fiber, mineral and other nutrients for our body needs and also improvement of health physically and mentally. Natural compound of plants also included phyto-nutrients which play a crucial role in strengthening our immune system, anti-aging, preventing heart disease and cancer and also repairing DNA. 

Info graphic below shows you some great examples of food by color, the phyto-nutrients in them and some of the benefits associated with each color group.

Fruit Colour Category.png

Simply put,

Red color is good for our lower body, such as prostate, urinary and colon. 

Purple and Blue support our heart, brain, bone, anti-aging and fight cancer. 

Green is good for liver and would healing.

White is best for circulatory system and fight cancer. 

Yellow and Orange are suitable for those who looking for better immune system. 

Rule of thumb, the richer the color is, the better it is, eat the skin and good variety of them. Enjoy your first fruit box from now!

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