Question from a body-builder: what fruits should I take?

Question from a body-builder: what fruits should I take?

Most of us have already know there are a handful of protein-rich food that meet the nutritional requirements for body-building, what about fruits?

Fruits are just as important as any other foods in body building.

Some are concern about fructose overload, but sweet fruits or vegetables' contain fructose are relatively low in amounts. 5 muscle-friendly fruits you never know about:

  1. Banana – the most natural power bar, banana are one of the most carbohydrate-dense fruits, which is best for post-workout or breakfast to restock muscle glycogen. Banana is also renowned in high potassium (a mineral help build both protein and muscle), which are beneficial to proper muscular contraction.
  2. Kiwis – packed with tremendous amount of vitamin C, Kiwi fruits could be one to add into your diet. Scientists at Arizona State University (Mesa) has found that poor vitamin C status can hinder fat burning during exercise because vitamin C is necessary for the synthesis of carnitine, a molecule required for the proper oxidation of fatty acids. Kiwi will help to burn fat, resulting better progress in your workout. 
  3. Apple – easy to eat, easy to get and very healthy to feature into your diet. An apple a day, keep the doctors away, need us say more?
  4. Avocado – adding fiber into diet is the key of optimum result of body building. Researchers have experimented added avocados into your meal will increase 2 to 6 times as much absorption of nutrients, thanks to theirs fat content.
  5. Strawberries - Strawberries contain phytochemicals which can help to reduce the inflammation of joints. Include more strawberries in your daily diet and It will help in keeping your joints strong.

Load up on Antioxidants to protect your muscles, Fiber for greater absorption of protein, Vitamin for better immunity system and regularly Cleanse your body system for healthier body. Start eating fruit today and feel the change on your body!

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